About Me

A mechanical engineer in love with all things culinary, should describe me fairly well.

Cooking has always been my passion, and I believe that even a cup of tea made with passion is a delicacy.

“Never cook for the sake of cooking. Cook with passion, add a pinch of love, and the cuisine would be heavenly.

I started cooking at very young age, by helping my grandma in her baking ventures. She was a master-chef in those days. She used to bake and frost all types of cakes. She had style! She prepared and presented any varieties of meals and desserts with the limited resources available then. She even used to give cooking lessons.

I am blessed with her genes. I always had a passion for cooking. I attempted most of the cuisine I came across. Every failed attempt left behind some very valuable lessons to learn.

Here I am trying to share with you all, my cooking adventures. Hope you too will join me in these adventures! I welcome you all to support me with your posts & valuable inputs / comments, and each one will always be treasured.

Its been possible because I am blessed by the almighty who watches over me!!. He has given me a wonderful partner, Nisha Susan and our two adorable children Gabriel and Joash who are a constant source of encouragement.
Im thankful for all the support and love extended by my treasured friends and foodies, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.